To Achieve 2x Growth for
100,000 Small Businesses

Closing the wealth gap for underserved communities

The IXLerator Initiative is a collaborative of small businesses, organizations, and individuals united by their passion for social impact.  Our mission is to accelerate economic growth in underserved communities through innovation, collaboration, and action. We achieve this mission by empowering small businesses owned by minorities, women and other underrepresented  groups, building their business savvy through innovative accelerator programs and providing a enduring ecosystem to  support their goals.
Our vision is to eradicate society's wealth gap through economic prosperity.

Who is part of the IXLerator Initiative?





are at the heart of the IXLelerator Initiative. Through innovative programming, network support, and access to resources, the IXLerator programs set up these businesses to grow, prosper and thus give back to their home communities.


are the IXLelerator Initiative's partners and collaborators, bringing knowledge, know how and resources for serving our target communities. Some also serve on our Advisory Council, helping to shape the strategy and approach for IXLelerator Initiative. 


are the engine and power of the IXLerator Initiative. These college and graduate students form volunteer consultant teams that work with small business Accelerator clients. They have opportunities to work on research projects and attend events where organizations and other collaborators connect

Our Initiatives

 Accelerator Programs

Connect with small businesses in underserved communities to boost their business growth through a Digital Accelerator that improves the core operations and identify new  opportunities

Advisory Council

Our key partners, engaged in this vision,   share and learn about best practices in empowering and growing the small business sector for underserved communitiies


Collect and create insights to further our cause and deepen the commitment by developing and sharing insights from the work done in accelerators and other programs

Building Community

These monthly online mixers bring together IXLerator Initiative organizations, Next Gen Leaders (Students), and small business clients sharing small group discussions around the topic of the day.

Network Platform

IXLerator Alumni work with digital tools such as Whatsapp to connect with cohort mates, hear about events, and learn the latest news for their businesses.

Accelerator programs are delivered using our Digital Platform that offers e-collaborative spaces, structured and discipline processes, and e-Mentors


Collaborative and safe environment for teams to work together

Structured Approach

Clear start and finish dates


Mentors available to provide guidance and nudges

We have served small businesses in a number of sectors including childcare, retail, food and beverages, and professional services

About US

IXL Center is recognized by Forbes as one of the America's Best Management Consulting Firms in the Innovation and Strategic Growth Space. The company helps corporations and individuals develop breakthrough strategic solutions and world-class innovation management capabilities in order to drive significant, sustainable business impact. 

The Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership (IXL Center) is focused on delivering breakthrough and high-performance results, building lasting innovation capabilities, and researching and codifying best practices in innovation management. We drive accelerated execution through our Innovation Accelerator, and our experienced consulting support and action coaching of Eureka, Pursuit, and Realization Teams.

The Global Innovation Management Institute, GIM Institute or GIMI in short, is the global nonprofit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management. 

GIM Institute was initiated by a group of chief innovation officers, innovation executives, academics and consultants from around the world. 

GIM Institute’s worldwide advocacy for making innovation a professional business discipline is reinforced by our globally recognized standards and certification program, extensive academic programs, communities of practice, and professional development opportunities.